Making Sure Your Auto Insurance Has You Covered: 3 Coverage Options You Will Want To Say Yes To

23 June 2022
 Categories: Insurance, Blog

The law only requires that you have car liability insurance in order to drive a vehicle. However, choosing to purchase an auto insurance policy that only includes liability coverage could leave you without the coverage you actually need in the event your vehicle is damaged. Thankfully, you can make sure that your auto insurance has you covered in a wide range of scenarios by simply choosing to say yes to the following three coverage options. 

Uninsured Motorist Coverage

While the law may require all drivers to carry liability insurance, it is no secret that there are some drivers on the road who choose to break this law. In the event your vehicle is damaged by an uninsured driver, the process of suing this individual for damages could take a long time and may never result in you getting the money that you are owed. Thankfully, you can avoid this uphill battle by choosing to add uninsured motorist coverage to your own insurance policy. By adding this coverage, you will be able to file a claim with your insurance provider if you are ever hit by an uninsured driver. 

Underinsured Motorist Coverage

All auto insurance policies will come with a maximum payout amount per accident. If the damages from your accident exceed this maximum payout, you could be left with some significant out-of-pocket expenses. Choosing to add underinsured motorist coverage to your policy will allow you to collect any remaining damages from your own insurance provider so that you do not need to pay for these expenses yourself. This can be especially important if your vehicle is currently financed and you will need to pay off your auto loan in the event that your vehicle is totaled in an accident. 

Collision Coverage

The liability insurance that the law requires you to have is only designed to protect others, not yourself. What this means is that if you cause an accident, your liability insurance will pay for damage to the other driver's vehicle or for any medical bills which you may be liable for. However, your liability insurance will not cover the cost of damage to your own vehicle or for your own medical bills. If you wish to have coverage for your own vehicle, you will need to add collision coverage to your auto insurance policy. This type of coverage is also very important for individuals who currently have a car loan since collision insurance will provide coverage for up to the current value of your vehicle. 

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