Seven Mistakes To Avoid When You're Getting Quotes On Auto Insurance Policies

24 February 2022
 Categories: Insurance, Blog

Getting auto insurance quotes is an important step in choosing your auto insurance policy. However, you need to avoid mistakes to ensure that the quotes you get are as accurate and helpful as possible in your search for the right auto insurance coverage solution. 

The following are seven mistakes to avoid when you're getting quotes on auto insurance policies. 

Being unaware of deductible options 

Most auto insurance providers offer numerous deductible options from among which you can choose. You need to understand how deductibles work and consider which deductible option is best for your financial situation. Remember that higher deductibles usually mean lower monthly premiums. 

Failing to research discounts when providing your information to insurance companies

Most auto insurance providers offer a lot of discount options such as discounts for paying off the entire policy upfront or for setting up auto payments.

Look into available discounts and indicate if you'll be eligible for any discounts when you get your quotes. This will increase the accuracy of the quotes you get. 

Not providing all pertinent information about your driving record

When you get quotes on auto insurance policies, you'll be asked questions about your driving record.

Insurance providers will verify everything you say about your driving record before selling you a policy. This makes it important to provide accurate information on your driving record when you're looking for quotes. 

Making mistakes when providing information about your vehicle

The vehicle you drive has a big impact on your insurance costs. Make sure you accurately provide information on your vehicle year, make, and model. It's also important to provide details on any safety features your vehicle has that could reduce insurance costs. 

Overlooking collision or comprehensive coverage

Remember that you'll have to specify that you want collision or comprehensive coverage when you get a quote. The most basic option for auto insurance is a liability policy with no collision coverage.

If you want collision coverage and are getting quotes, make sure you indicate this so that you are quoted for a policy that includes collision coverage. 

Not putting enough research into insurance providers offering policies in your area

You should do your research before you get quotes and find which auto insurance providers in your area have a reputation for offering good value. You should also get numerous quotes so you have a lot of options to compare rather than just getting one or two quotes. 

Failing to explore all coverage features that you're going to expect on your policy

In addition to collision and comprehensive coverage, there are a lot of other policy features to consider. For example, features like roadside assistance, rental car coverage, and gap insurance can all come in handy if you get in an accident and need to file a claim. 

Be aware of coverage features and evaluate them to determine which ones you want to have. This way, you know that the quotes you get take all of your expectations into account.