3 Essential Questions to Ask Your Homeowner Insurance Agent

13 July 2021
 Categories: Insurance, Blog

You never know when bad things might happen to your house. When it does, homeowner insurance can be your best friend. Homeowner insurance is a type of policy that protects the homeowner from many financial risks and expenses they might have if their home were destroyed in an accident or natural disaster. Here are three questions you should ask your homeowner insurance agent before deciding:

1. What is the deductible amount on the policy, and how much coverage for it?

The deductible is an amount you need to pay before your insurance company pays for anything. If your deductible is high, then the total cost of your insurance will be less each month. Try and compare different home insurance policies with separate deductibles and coverage amounts. That will help you find one that fits your budget while still being protected from anything happening to your home.

Some homeowner insurance policies offer an extra coverage called "home protection." It protects you from risks like fire, smoke damage, and vandalism. Ask your agent if this is a feature that is available for you.

2. How long does the insurance last, and what happens if the policy canceled before then?

Your homeowner's insurance usually lasts for one year, but you may be able to find longer policies. It would help if you asked your homeowner's insurance agent how much time is given before canceling the policy. Most homeowner's insurance policies provide at least 30 days' notice to cancel a policy and save some money paid into it so far.

Some homeowner's insurance policies allow you to suspend your coverage for a while. You must keep paying the monthly payment, but you don't have to pay for any other costs. Ask your home insurance agent if this is available for you and how much it will cost per month.

3. Does the company offer discounts or other perks to customers who have taken out home warranties with them?

Home warranties are a contract between you and the insurance company. It allows homeowners to get some of their home maintenance costs covered. These are repairs for things that might break in your home or replacing appliances if they have issues. Ensure to ask your homeowner's insurance agent about these types of policies. That's because it will save you money on future repair bills.

If you don't want a home warranty, homeowner's insurance companies might give other discounts. For example, if you have earthquake and flood coverage, they may offer discounts. Ask your homeowner's insurance agent about any potential savings before deciding which policy is best for you.