3 Tips For Buying Auto Insurance For Your Teenager

17 June 2020
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Being the parent of a teenager can be challenging. You have to worry about things that you might have never had to worry about before, such as helping your child as they prepare for college or get their driver's license. One other thing that you might be worried about right now is buying auto insurance for your teenager. If this is something that you have never had to do before, you might find this advice to be pretty helpful.

1. Determine Which Car Your Teen Will Be Driving

One question you will probably have to answer when buying auto insurance for your teen is which car your son or daughter will spend the most time driving. This is a more important question than you might realize.

It can be quite expensive to insure a teen who drives a sports car or a car that is very valuable, for example. If you are in the market for a car for your teenager, you may want to look for an affordable used car that will be affordable to insure. If your teen is going to be driving one of your family's cars, then you may want to choose a car that will be safe for your teen to drive but that won't cost too much to insure; for example, you may want to allow your teen to drive the family minivan instead of your convertible.

2. Keep Track of the Necessary Paperwork

When you sign your teen up for auto insurance, you may need to provide some of your teen's information, such as their social security number. Make sure that you have this information on hand when you're signing them up so there aren't any delays. In some states, you will be required to show that your teen is listed on an auto insurance policy in order for them to get their driver's license, so make sure you keep up with any necessary information from the auto insurance company so that you can turn this paperwork in.

Additionally, there might be certain paperwork that you should turn in that will help with reducing insurance rates. If your child has taken additional driving lessons -- beyond what is required by your state for your teen to get a driver's license -- or if they have good grades in school, providing your auto insurance company with proof of these things can help you secure a nice discount.

3. Make Adjustments When Necessary

There is a good chance that your teen's insurance needs will change a lot in the next few years. When your teen goes off to college, for example, you may need to change your insurance policy or take your child off of your insurance policy completely. Make sure you stay on top of these changes so your teen will have the right coverage for their current life situation and so that you don't have to pay more in auto insurance premiums than necessary.

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