4 Ways Married Couples Can Save On Auto Insurance

19 July 2018
 Categories: Insurance, Blog

When you get married everything changes—even your auto insurance coverage. If you are newly married, you will be happy to hear that your recent nuptials may offer you a way to save money. Learn about some of the ways you can save. 

1. Multi-Car Discount

If you have your insurance coverage with one company and your spouse has their policy with another provider, you two should sit down and consider combining your coverage under the same policy. Insurance providers often offer multi-car discounts for policies that cover more than one vehicle. If you or your spouse has a motorcycle or any other vehicle, such as a boat, you can save even more. Do some research to determine if your policy or your spouse's policy will be the better option. 

2. Rental Car Protection

Polices often offer rental car protection. Rental car protection is designed to provide financial support in the event you are in an accident and can't drive your car. If you and your spouse have your own vehicles, you may be able to drop the rental car protection once you are married. The idea is that since you both have vehicles if one of you were to get into an accident, you could just drive your partners' car. 

3. Good Driving Record

Insurance companies base their insurance premiums on risk factors. The greater the risk the driver poses, the higher their insurance premium. Drivers with good records are considered less of a risk, which often means a lower insurance premium. If you have had some issues in the past, but your spouse has an excellent driving record, you may be able to benefit from the discount they receive. Credit scores also help determine the risk of a driver. So, if you have credit woes and your partner has good credit, you may also benefit from their record. 

4. Employer Discounts

Insurance companies often extend discounts to employees of certain companies. While your employer may not be a part of the discount program, it's not to say that your spouse's employer is not a part of this program. You and your spouse should both contact your insurance companies to find out if either of your employers offers a discount and consider switching companies if you find an insurance company that offers you a policy discount. Some insurance companies also offer discounts for membership to certain organizations. 

Make sure you and your partner sit down and review your policies to see what changes you can take advantage of. For more ways to save, contact an insurance agent, like Rob Jackson Insurance, for assistance.