Roadside Assistance Options To Consider

30 March 2017
 Categories: Insurance, Blog

Having some sort of roadside assistance is a good move to make if you are on the road frequently. It will help you cover the costs of getting roadside care, and it is also a way to give yourself peace of mind since you will always have someone to help you out in case of a roadside emergency. But choosing the right provider for roadside assistance is sometimes tricky. Here are some of the common providers of roadside assistance and how they can help.

Auto Insurance

You may not have been aware that you can get roadside assistance directly from your auto insurance company. And it is often only a few extra dollars per month. One of the biggest included services is towing; you can get towing from a service provider for a ride of up to 100 miles in some cases. Another important service is jumpstart service, in case your battery dies. Some companies go as far as to offer you a loaner battery until you can make it to an auto repair shop if your car is completely dead. Some roadside assistance programs also offer to bring you fuel if you run out while driving.  

While these programs are great, there are a few caveats to be aware of. For one, you will likely need to purchase comprehensive auto insurance coverage from your provider in order to be considered for these roadside assistance programs. But that insurance is very helpful in the case of natural disasters, theft, and other unforeseen problems. The second thing to note is that each request for service is reported to your insurer, and they may raise rates on this coverage if you call in too many times. So if you foresee yourself needing repeated tows or battery jumps, an auto club might be the better option.

Joining an Auto Club

Auto clubs are usually more expensive than getting roadside service from your auto insurance company. So, they are a good option if you are interested in the additional services they offer. A roadside service club may have more comprehensive service options; for instance, some will offer to actually change your battery during a service call or provide complimentary fuel. They also offer perks to their members in terms of discounts on lodging and dining options, plus other local attractions in each area. Either service can be valuable to the right customer, so compare the options available in your area to decide what's the better fit.

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