Going From One Insurer To Another? Mind The Gap

22 May 2017
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Being loyal to your auto insurance provider has its perks, but switching to another provider offering better rates or better coverage can also be to your advantage. If you're not careful, however, making the switch could put you at risk of having a noticeable gap in your insurance coverage. How a Gap Affects Your Policy The last thing you want is to be without auto insurance coverage for any length of time. Read More 

3 Reasons You Should Always Carry Homeowners Insurance

5 May 2017
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It is very important that you always carry homeowners insurance. Many people wonder if the insurance is really worth the cost. Although you may save money monthly on the premiums, the risk you take simply isn't worth it. Here are some reasons why you should always carry good a good home insurance policy. 1. It May Be Required If you have a mortgage on the home, then you need to carry home insurance. Read More 

Ways You Can Control Your Auto Insurance Premiums

26 April 2017
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The rate you pay for auto insurance is based on many factors, and some of them are things you cannot control, such as your age and gender. There are also some factors you can control, and saving money on your car insurance is possible if you know what these are so you can take advantage of them. Here are some factors within your control that could help you reduce your premiums on car insurance. Read More 

Rental Car Insurance Vs. Your Own: What You Need To Know

13 April 2017
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When you go to rent a car, the person behind the counter will ask you if you want insurance coverage. Your own car insurance, however, should cover you, and that rental car coverage becomes optional. It may still be a good idea to get it, though, as long as you are aware of how the insurance works. Better Together If you're about to rent a car, you are no doubt happy to learn that your auto insurance should cover you while you drive the rental car. Read More 

5 Tips For Buying Auto Insurance When You Have A Bad Driving Record

10 April 2017
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Whether you have gotten several speeding tickets or have at-fault accidents on your driving record, finding affordable auto insurance when you have a bad driving record can be a challenge. Luckily, paying huge premiums is not absolutely necessary. Use the following tips to find auto insurance coverage that won't break the bank when you driving record has several blemishes: Enroll in a Defensive Driving Course While you may have had some problems driving in the past, you can help make up for them by enrolling in a reputable defensive driving course. Read More